Farooq (Sartaaj RK) is a 6-year-old boy who wants a school bag and sewaiyan from his mother (Rasika Dugal) on his birthday. His mother agrees to make sewaiyan but doesn’t give in to his school bag demand. As time passes, Farooq’s requests turn into threats of bunking school if his mother doesn’t get him what he wants.



The next day, on Farooq’s birthday, he hides behind a door and tells his mother that he isn’t talking to her. When he doesn’t get a reply, he slowly comes out and finds that his Ammi has, after all, fulfilled his wish. He jumps around in joy and the duo exchange a little banter before Farooq leaves for school.



The story doesn’t end there though. What happens next will leave you shook but you’ll be prepared for it. From the beginning, the narrative has an ominous vibe. You expect a dramatic twist, but when it actually transpires on screen, it will tug at your heartstrings and leave you feeling drained.


Both Rasika Dugal and Sartaaj are insanely endearing in The School Bag. Watch the short film here:



Cover Image Source: YouTube