Have you ever tried talking to your Indian mother about sex? I have and I can’t tell you how awkward the whole discussion was.


I mean, growing up my mother just kept telling me that babies are sent by God until I found out the real deal in a sex-ed class. But now, my mom seems to have opened up a bit and she’s willing to talk about sex, albeit in a roundabout way because she’s still sanskaari AF. 


Which is why, I could totally relate to Khaney Mein Kya Hai?, the second episode of the Blush series Mothers & Daughters.


In the episode, a newly married daughter, Priya (played by Shikha Talsania), tells her mother about her exciting sex life by using masalas, cooking techniques, and Indian dishes as metaphors.



Her mother (played by an endearing Ayesha Raza Mishra), though, isn’t amused because she didn’t have the freedom to openly tell her husband about her sexual desires. She says that in her time, husbands took all the decisions and the wives had to make do with whatever sex they got.



The mother-daughter duo argue about the possibility of women having great sex. While the millennial daughter talks about taking charge and spicing things up a bit, the mother remains convinced that women don’t have that kind of luxury.


IMO, this episode is a beautiful depiction of how adult daughters open up to their mothers. There may still be a moral wall that doesn’t allow the two to openly discuss certain taboo topics like sex. But they'll get around it, even if they have to use meaningful pauses and metaphors to put the message across and understand each other. That’s the beauty of a mother and daughter relationship.


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