In Kenny Sebastian’s latest Chai Time segment, he chats about comic books like Tinkle, Archies, Amar Chitra Katha, and Chacha Chaudhary. If you’re a desi kid who enjoyed reading even a little, you’d have read at least one of these comics.


My favourite will always be Tinkle because it had so many different characters and stories. And if you asked me to pick a favourite, I’d say Suppandi.


Kenny agrees that he’s got to be one of the most iconic characters in Tinkle.


Kenny made a legit observation about Suppandi’s skull structure. 



 Kenny loved reading Ramu and Shamu ‘cause he found their mom hot. 



 Talking about Chacha Chaudhary, Kenny just couldn’t understand why nobody found Sabu, the alien from Jupiter, weird. All the characters accepted him like it’s no big deal that they have giant shirtless alien among them. 



 You’re going to find the whole video insanely relatable. Watch it here:



Source: YouTube