Rahul Dravid. The Wall. This legend turns 44 today, and in celebration, we’re going to take a quick look at his more uncharacteristic moments on the pitch.


His contributions to Indian cricket helped him a cultivate the image of being a reliable, implacable force on the field. Rare qualities—ones that made him indispensable to any team he was on.


In case you’ve been wondering what he’s been up to since his retirement, Mr. Dependable coaches the India A team and the India national under-19 team. He also mentors the Delhi Daredevils IPL franchise.


What I like about Dravid as a cricketer is that he’s always stayed out of the limelight, while keeping his eye on the prize, and getting the job done. Dravid, no doubt, has always been cool and patient on the field, but there have been those rare moments when even he couldn’t help losing his cool.


Outta the Way!


This took place during the 2004 Champions Trophy when Shoaib Akhtar got in Dravid’s way, preventing him from getting an easy two runs.



Dravid vs Mitchell Johnson


During the 2013 IPL, Australian pacer Mitchell Johnson tried to sledge Rahul Dravid during the match between the Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals. Dravid seemed to have a couple of choice words after first answering Johnson with a well-placed boundary.


You can watch the highly entertaining video here.


Arguing with the Umpire


In a rare incident, he’s seen heatedly petitioning the umpire for a catch he’s clearly taken.



Press Conference Petulance


In this particular instance, Dravid was miffed with Pollard's send-off of Shane Watson. He unleashed his frustration during a press conference, calling the act cowardly.



These incidents simply reinforce my belief that Dravid is almost always reasonable. These ‘outbursts’, to me, are simply a slice of life. One that we don’t see too often from Dravid.


As The Wall turns 44, we wish him a very happy birthday. Rare as his outbursts are, I, for one, relish a show of genuine emotion from one of the most level-headed players to ever set foot on a cricket pitch.


We love you, Jammy!


Cover Image Source: Vimeo