On Father’s Day, Mard Official, a YouTube channel that promotes gender equality put up a video featuring Vidya Balan and her father.


The video begin with her father, P.R. Balan, talking about how he started his life in Mumbai as a simple typist. He and his three sisters were raised single handedly by their mother and they were all treated equally. He was never brought up to feel superior to his sisters simply because he was a man.


Which is why, when he was blessed with two daughters, Priya and Vidya, he never felt the lack of son. 



At one point in life, he had to quit his job after 38 years of service, and he didn’t have any savings. He narrates how Vidya consoled him when he broke down in the middle of the night.



Mr. Balan lovingly recalls how the two of them used to enact plays at home and have a good time together.



Vidya Balan, then, goes on to say how despite the insecurities that middle-class Indian parents have about Bollywood, her father always stood by her side.



Before Vidya set up a preview of her hit film The Dirty Picture for her family, she had warned them that it was bold movie. But, her father was the first person who clapped when the movie was over.



The video shows how a middle class father raised his daughter to be the best that she could be, and even supported her when she chose what is usually considered to be an unconventional career path.


From the short, it’s evident that P.R. Balan is an inspiration when it comes to being a good dad.


What’s important to note, though, is that he turned out to this way because of how his mother raised him. He narrates how he was surrounded by women in his house and how his mother didn’t discriminate between her son and daughters.


This, once again, tells us how important it is to raise our sons well.


Watch Vidya Balan and her father talk about their lives here:



Cover Image Source: YouTube