Taher Shah, the sensational Pakistani singer, is back yet again to teach about the complexities of love.


He’s quite active on social media and, surprisingly, even has a management team. The team had announced that “King Shah” will be releasing his latest song “Humanity Love” on 31st December 2016 and, as promised, here it is for our viewing pleasure.



This time, the video is missing his signature tunes, and instead shows us a mellow Shah rendering a poem. His expressions, as expected, are out of the world. But the star of the video has got to be the Persian cat that he is seen lovingly stroking throughout.


This video is—we must admit—not as bad as others, and that’s where it disappoints. He set the bar high with hits like “Angel”, in which he is seen in walking in a park in colourful gowns with a child and a woman. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s a refresher:



If you are still not convinced about his brilliance, please treat yourself to his first song, which is all about eyes; your eyes, my eyes, everyone’s eyes.



The song became a rage on social media in India when Ranveer Singh dubsmash-ed it in the same get-up. 



I must say, I applaud the singer for not giving a fuck and making his art the way he likes it. How many of us can say the same about ourselves? #2017Goals 


Take note: Eye to Eye makes happy killer love. Lifetime, once in a life.