When he was 20, doctors told him that he wouldn’t live to see 25. Yesterday, he turned 75.


Stephen Hawking suffers from a condition called ALS—Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Most don’t make it past the 5-year mark after being diagnosed. Professor Hawking is the longest-surviving person with ALS.


Remember when all those people were dousing themselves with ice-cold water and then nominating other people to follow suit? The ice-bucket challenge was specifically intended to raise both awareness and money for this rare and irreversible disease. Here’s what happened with that, btw.


Hawking is incredibly well known for his astounding scientific breakthroughs and is probably the most well-known person with ALS on the planet.


When he’s not busy changing how humanity perceives the universe, Stephen Hawking is busy being incredibly funny in a variety of ways.


Here he is being interviewed by Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver.



He’s also made numerous cameos on cartoons like The Simpsons and Futurama. He even voices his own character on these shows.



Here he is talking about being featured on The Simpsons.



This next one’s going to pluck at your musical heartstrings if you’re a Pink Floyd fan. In 1993, British Telecom released an ad that was voiced by Professor Hawking—a message made doubly poignant coming from him. Pink Floyd then sampled this ad to use in their track, Keep Talking.



Despite being wheelchair bound, he has lived, and continues to live, a prolific and productive life.


He’s an absolute badass and an inspiration to us all.


Here’s wishing him many more fruitful, funny, cool-AF years.