Finding peaceful, personal space in your own office can be a near-impossible thing. Just imagine if you had to share your office with a whole other company? 


In the second episode of Screen Patti’s Office Vs Office, the employees of Red Capers have a hard time adjusting with their new co-habitants. If you’ve ever been in a coworking situation, you might relate to their problems.


There’ll Be a Lot of Noise


Your company has a certain vibe and pace. You and your colleagues know just how much noise is acceptable and when to make it. But when another office comes into the picture, they’ll break the routine you all had so much difficulty setting up.



In Office Vs Office, Sid and Amar start a commotion as soon as they move into the Red Capers’ area. Amar makes that annoying screeching sound by dragging a table and he also ends up scratching the wall, which obviously pisses their coworkers off.


Rules Will Be Broken


Don’t expect the newbies to accept all your rules. They’ll, in fact, try and impose a few of their own. For instance, Shikha specifically asks Amar and Sid to use separate water dispensers but they obviously don’t oblige. Amar ends up finishing all the water because he filled way too many matkas.



Office Decor Will Take a Hit


You may have spent months and months forcing the HR to print and put up all the posters you so painstakingly designed. And none of it will matter when your new coworkers come in. They’ll have their own quirks and soon, a part of your office might look like a teenager’s bedroom, just like what happened at the Red Capers’.



But, Office Romances Might Get a Breath of Fresh Air


Remember how excited you and your classmates would get when you had a shared class with another section? Sharing office space can bring back that bubbly feeling if the new people are interesting. Who knows you might actually start appreciating their presence and wonder where they had been all this time.



And You Might End Up Being More Tolerant


Everyone feels awkward on their first day in a new workspace. 


But as a little time passes, you figure out that it's not all that bad. You just have to be a bit tolerant and give your new coworkers a chance.



Sid must have sensed Shikha’s dislike for him, and then he wrote her a letter promising that he’ll never give her a chance to complain. By the end of the episode, Shikha seems to have accepted reality but we’ll have to wait for the next one to find out just how long she’ll be able to handle all the changes.


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