Recently, Mithila Palkar gave a Tedx Talk at NIT Silchar. She talked about her journey to becoming an actress and how she made a career out of her passion.


She began the talk by giving an example of her friend who accidentally got into show business and then had a successful run. Her point being:



What we have to consider, though, is that there is a level of privilege involved for all of us who have the liberty to work without a plan.


But Mithila made some good points.


Coming from a middle class Marathi family, she was conditioned to believe that the mantra to a successful life was “Grow up, graduate, and find a decent job.” Mithila was comfortable with this idea until theatre happened to her and she realised that acting was her calling.



Through the talk, Mithila highlighted the importance of following your passion and going with the flow. She also said that rejection will happen but it will make you stronger. She was speaking from the perspective of auditions, but you'll be able to relate if you’ve faced rejection of any kind when it comes to your career.


You can watch the whole talk here:



Cover Image Source: YouTube