On World Music Day, Kalki Koechlin, in association with Blush, put up her poem titled “Noise” on YouTube. 


The piece has gone viral on social media, with people praising it for its depiction of the everyday sounds around and inside us. 


In her poem, Kalki talks about the daily sounds that permeate our lives, right from the morning Azaan to farmers selling vegetables, from the ringing of the temple bells to the honking in a traffic jam.


Through the course of her poem, she also touches upon how noise doesn’t just exist externally, but also within our gadgets. We’ve fallen prey to the noise of social media, where trolls and trends consume us. She also describes how we make news out of everything, nationalism, feminism, patriotism… every “ism” there is.


Noise reminds us of how we’re silent at the cores of our beings because all the noise around us has taken over our minds and souls.


The beautifully-made video features shots of Mumbai, showcasing the various sides of the city. The fast paced narrative builds up a slow crescendo and you’re forced to immerse yourself in the piece. 


Watch the whole video here:



Cover Image Source: YouTube