India is slowly catching up to China in one of the most undesirable ways possible.


According to Quartz India, air pollution now kills almost as many Indians as Chinese every year.


Ever wondered, then, what the air quality in your city is like? Hindustan Times has a tool that lets you find out just this if you live in one of India’s more prominent areas. You can even hop on over to Delhi to get a glimpse into how its fabled air is doing.



Source: Hindustan Times


The data comes from reliable sensors all over the country that collect air pollution data. Government sensors and HT’s own air quality sensors. And most of the data is in real time, which means that you can check what the air quality is like at any of these locations right now.


There is bound to be some delay since the sensors might go down or lag once in awhile. But it should be more than enough to give you an idea of the amount of pollution you’re exposed to.


When you open the site, you can either select a city or skip this step. The boxes on the map are colour coded to show you how bad the air quality is at the moment. You can click on each locality’s box to also see how air quality has fluctuated over the past week.



Source: Hindustan Times


The handy panel on the side tells you how to interpret the data and lets you switch between cities.


This webpage, at the bottom, explains how Air Quality Index (AQI) is calculated, and what PM2.5 and PM10 stand for (they’re types of pollutants).


To be able to take effective action and push for change, you need to first equip yourself with reliable data, which is what this handy resource does for the Indian citizen.


If you’re concerned about the air that you’re breathing, here’s the link to the pollution map.


Cover Image Source: Hindustan Times