Porn, in India, is taboo. Much like anything even mildly sexual.


Can’t have those thoughts. Nope.


After all, what will our neighbours/relatives/pets think of us?


We’re the exception to the human condition, right? I mean, we don’t even procreate. Spontaneous asexual reproduction is the norm in the subcontinent—everything from immaculate conception to amoeba-like splitting-down-the-middle depending on how unsexy you want to make the whole affair.


We even have a ton of trouble approaching sex education with any sort of practical, realistic, or healthy mindset.


But, Pornhub’s 2016 Year In Review feature gives us some not-so-startling insights into our only-too-human urges.


The popular porn site, per new-year custom, has released a bunch of insightful metrics about India’s porn preferences.


Now, down to business.


By Sheer Volume


India has the 4th highest traffic on Pornhub.


Impressive, but we’ve been slacking a bit. Because we’ve dropped from 3rd place in the 2015 review.





Here’s 2015, for comparison:





Going back a bit more, we see that India and Canada have been swapping places (3rd and 4th) since 2014. India doesn’t feature in the 2013 review, but we can see from the image below that we’d moved up 3 places from 2013.





Comparing the populations of India and Canada, we can see that we outweigh our polite Canadian friends by around 3448%. This is incentive to hook everyone in this country to the internet, if you ask me.


We can easily take the #1 spot. Easily.


Wham, Bam, Thank You Fam


I guess we can take some consolation in the fact that we seem to be finishing faster. Wait… that’s not necessarily a good thing, right?


You decide.


India ranks 16th when it comes to time spent on Pornhub, per visit, with an average of 8 minutes and 20 seconds. This is below the world average of 9 minutes and 36 seconds and well below 1st place holder Philippines, which clocks in at 12 minutes and 45 seconds.


Are we getting busier, more impatient, or do we just need some kegel exercises in our lives?





Smutty Search Trends


Unsurprisingly, most of us are looking for porn featuring Indians. Here are the top searches from the subcontinent.





‘Japanese’ and ‘Indonesia’, which were both on the list last time, have been replaced by almost entirely indigenous searches.


The search term, ‘indian teacher’ has jumped 13 places and now takes position 7 on the list. Maybe more kids have access to the internet now?


Our favorite pornstars seem to have stayed the same, with Sunny Leone topping this list, followed by Mia Khalifa, and Lisa Ann. The latter seems like an obvious contender, considering the data shows that we’re all about the cougars.



Source: Gary | Flickr


To quote Pornhub, “Most countries take great pride in their nationality, but India takes it to a whole other level as made evident by their top searches on Pornhub. The majority of searches (top, relative and gaining) include ‘Indian’. One top term that came seemingly out of nowhere to make it into the top 10 list was ‘Indian aunty with young’, flying up to the top by 81 spots. India’s own Sunny Leone is again, the number one searched pornstar in the country and ‘Lesbian’ makes it to the number two spot in the top categories.”


Speaking of Sunny Leone…


Her popularity isn’t restricted only to India. The pornstar-turned-Bollywood-diva takes 5th place in the list of most-searched-for pornstars in the world. Her videos on Pornhub received 53,945,505 views over the course of 2016.





Women, as It Turns out, Are Also Human


Indian women are breaking out of the sanskari mould and checking out the smut the internet has to offer as well. We’re a bit above the world average of 26%, when it comes to the proportion of female visitors, and on par with Sweden, Argentina, and Mexico—all at 30% female traffic.


Who would’ve thunk?





New Year's Eve vs. Diwali


New Year’s Eve brought with it a bigger a drop in Pornhub traffic than Diwali, this past year.


19% on New Year’s Eve as opposed to 17% on Diwali. Makes sense, I suppose, considering that the New Year transcends religious lines.








We're Going Mobile


Indian porn watchers are also surprisingly mobile. Maybe Reliance Jio had something to do with the 16% increase in this particular stat?





70% of our porn watching happens on mobile, apparently, as opposed to a measly 2% on tablets.


Proportionally, only South Africa has us beat, with 73% of their traffic coming from smartphones.





If you want to check out the whole review (which I highly recommend), here you go.


Regardless of where you stand when it comes to the porn debate, ordinary Indians seem to be embracing it wholeheartedly.


Studies have shown that there is no significant relation between easy access to pornography and the rates of crime against women and rape (specifically in India). Further, banning pornography (which the government has considered numerous times), is far from ideal, for reasons that are explained in this article.


As far as 2017 goes, happy exploring! Just don't forget to lock yo’ doors, use incognito mode, and clean up properly after.


Cover Image Source: YouTube