Did you jump into an Uber this NYE?


Most of us did.


When you’re out, drinking, and partying, and you need to get on the road after, the safest thing to do is to call a cab. You’d think the demand would be so high that it’d be hard to get one, but I managed to get Ubers to travel half the length of Bangalore twice on 31st!


To highlight how useful their service is on nights like these, Uber released five fun facts about how Indians travelled on new year’s night.


Lots of Us Were Fashionably Late



Way to pregame hard, Delhi!


There Were Two Special  Repeat Riders



Enough energy for 12 parties? You go, Jaipur bro!


We Kept Each Other Informed



The “Share Status” feature is a great way to keep a friend or family member informed of your whereabouts so you feel safer, and to let them know that you’re on your way.


Bengaluru Killed the Ridesharing Game



Bringing in the new year with money and fuel savings! Woot!


And Speaking of Money Saving…



Neither of the cabs I took that night were on surge, which was pretty surprising. 


Surge or not, though, always choose a cab over driving drunk. It's worth the extra money.


Happy partying, kids!