We’ve finally gotten our first look at Alien: Covenant, and I’m… something.


It’s hard to put one name to an emotion that is excitement, frustration, disappointment, and apprehension all rolled into one.


Let me break this down for you.


But first, trailer.



I’m excited because Alien: Covenant revisits one of my favorite sci-fi franchises. The original Alien was a blast. It keeps me on the edge of my seat every single time I watch it. I could fire up the movie right now and I’ll still go bananas when Ripley decides to go grab the damn cat.


And, Ian Holm’s performance as Ash was disconcerting in the extreme.



Plus, I was psyched for the sequel to Prometheus as soon as the movie ended. Yes, it was incredibly flawed, but it raised some interesting possibilities. The engineers were a breath of fresh air to an already incredible franchise (let's please completely ignore Alien: Resurrection and both Alien vs. Predator movies, k?). Prometheus left us with SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS. Questions that, I hope, will be answered in this movie.



Source: YouTube


The disappointment is because, from this trailer, it seems quite unlikely that we’ll be getting satisfactory answers to any of these questions. These loose ends were the only thing that kept me from writing off Prometheus as a complete waste of time.


I’m frustrated mainly because of this dude:



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What the fuck are you doing? What are you actually doing? Why, on an alien planet, would you go stand next to something that looks like an egg? Forget stand next to! You’re going to look right into it in a second!


There’s always someone who’ll show complete disregard for their own lives and do dumb shit like this. In Prometheus, it was the two lost dudes and the snake-looking thing. And now, it’s this jackass and the facehugger. (hehehe, I said “ass” and “face” in the same sentence—sorry, part of my brain stopped developing when I turned 10)


Sure, you might say that this is one of the hallmarks of the franchise, but it’s done to death. I’m tired of stupid people being the vehicles that move the plot forward.



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Why am I apprehensive? This is a good one; hold onto your seats.




Michael Green, the (appropriately named) writer of the atrocious Green Lantern movie has been roped in for this project.




He’s also going to be writing the upcoming Bladerunner 2049. So I have to hope that he didn’t peak with Green Lantern. Luckily, though, this movie is being directed by Denis Villeneuve of Arrival fame, so I can stay optimistic on this front.


Back to Alien: Covenant.


The movie is undeniably gorgeous, potential flaws notwithstanding. So I’ll reserve judgement for now.



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It hits screens in May 2017, and I, for one, will be waiting with bated breath.