To begin with, owner of said shitty 1 BHK, I’d like to offer you my condolences. There’s a blessed few house hunters who find beautiful 1 bedroom apartments without having to sell organs or relinquish most of their salary.


You and I, we’re not a part of this exclusive club.



I feel you. 


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That’s okay. Because like I’m is going to show you, we don’t need them. There are a bunch of easy (and cheap, duh) things you can do to make your shitty 1 BHK less shitty.


These are tried and tested by yours truly, so I promise they work.


1. Colourful Rugs and Mats to Cover Up That Ugly Floor


One of the main problems I had with my cheap 1BHK, other than the forgotten-corner-of-the-Universe location and godawful plumbing was the eyesore flooring.


The best (cheapest) way to cover up shoddy floors is to buy as many rugs and mats as your budget will allow and place them strategically—at every door in your home and at the foot and sides of your bed.



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Excessive, I know, but if you chose the right patterns and colours (think muted tones and simple patterns), your house will start to look a little prettier. The patches of floor that are visible even after all this won’t seem so bad thanks to your killer taste in mats and rugs.


2. Soft Lighting, to Create the Illusion of a Beautiful Living Space


Buy/make/steal funky lamps—the more variety the better—and place them around the hall and bedroom. Yellow lighting is your new best friend. It hides all the ugliness and accentuates the best bits of your hell hole. Easy home facelift 101.





You can get really nice, cheap, and a wide variety of lamps and shades at online shopping sites like Flipkart. So whether your excuse is that you suffer from acute onset laziness or that you’re swamped at work, it’s invalid.


3. Bright Curtains, to Help You Forget How Shitty Your House Is


This one addition will brighten up your home like nothing else. Personally, I’d suggest solid, lively colours like green, blue, yellow, or red.


Suppress the sad goth in you and stay from black or dark-coloured curtains. They’ll make your dingy little abode seem even more depressing.


4. Couches, to Reflect on All the Choices That Brought You to This House


If you can’t have a nice-looking house, at least you can have a comfortable one, right?



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You’ll find a lot of people getting rid of their only-somewhat-crappy couches on Facebook groups, like Put Me In Touch, Garage Sale, and Second To None.


If you’re a broke-ass 20-something like me, you might not be able to afford the lump sum payment. EMI is a lifesaver. You can find some pretty unbelievable deals online and buy furniture on EMI. I’m now the proud owner of two beanbags and a comfy sofa.


5. Fake Flowers, For Some Much-Needed Beautification



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Fake flowers, like the ones in the picture, don’t look half bad, or all that fake, TBH. No need to go overboard with these, though.


Just a few of these plastic flowerpots in carefully selected locations like corners of rooms or the middle of your dining/coffee table will do the trick.




Try out these tips and let us know, in the comments below, if they worked for you!


Cover Image Source: Pixabay