Online shopping has become more of a hobby than ever before. This is definitely true for me, at least. I’m an online shopping addict—I love shopping—but hate shopping in overcrowded malls and markets.


With online shopping, even if I like stuff I can’t really afford, I’ll just add it to my wishlist because one day, when I’m rich, I’ll buy them all.


If you’re anything like me, you already know what I’m talking about.


Let’s take a look at some of the things only online shopping addicts will understand.


1. Your Web History Is Full of Shopping Sites



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A lot of your free time is spent checking out new stuff to buy online. If you’re taking a lunch break, you’ll keep looking at new clothes and shoes online because, hey, what’s the harm in looking?


After all, it’s the best way to stay updated with what’s hot and what’s not.


2. Online Shopping Is Like Therapy



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A bad day at work or an argument with your parents can be solved by just a little online retail therapy.


As you browse through the sheer variety of stuff available online, a calm settles over you. Depending on how bad you’re feeling, you might even pamper yourself by buying one totally useless thing and waiting in anticipation for your treat to arrive.


3. Your Cart Is Always Full



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You may be broke, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add things to your cart, right? After all, what is else it there for? Put them in there so you don’t forget later and then wait for your salary to be credited.


4. There’s Never Enough Money



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No matter how much you earn, it’s never enough to buy all those things that are cluttering up your wishlist. Sure, your credit card can help, but you’ve learnt self-restraint over time, because rent and clearing the bills are slightly more important than your shopping sprees.


Sigh! This is the life of a shopaholic.


5. Online Shopping Festivals Are Your Life



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People wait eagerly for Diwali and Christmas. You, on the other hand, wait for Flipkart to announce its next shopping festival.


You’ll even wake up early just to make sure that you have enough time to get your hands on those killer discounts before you get to work. And when the payment goes smoothly at checkout, you know that the smile on your face is going to last the rest of the week.


6. You Constantly Compare Online/Offline Stuff



Being the online shopping addict that you are, you can’t help but compare things that you see at stores with their online counterparts.


You only go to offline stores to check out stuff, so that you can buy it online later, at better prices. Why get that lipstick for 500 bucks when you can get the same thing online for 450, right?


With Christmas almost here, I’m almost bursting with anticipation. If there’s one thing better than shopping online for yourself, it’s shopping online for other people.


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