A while ago, when my Dad asked me to help him shop for a One Touch glucometer and a basic Nokia phone, I went straight to Flipkart, as usual.


He saw me do it, and then told me he wasn’t convinced that shopping online was a good idea in the first place. He’s always been a bit sceptical about buying gadgets online, but I told him to just trust me.


After both things were safely delivered, he realised that all his doubts were baseless.


Since then, he’s asked me to order everything from hard disks to laptops online with adorable excitement.


If you know someone who’s worried about shopping for electronics online, let me help you put their mind at ease.


Myth #1: You Get Fake Products Online



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My friend wanted to buy the iPhone 7, and when I told her to get it online, she asked me, “What if they send me a duplicate piece?”.


I’ve heard this question from my dad as well, and I get where it comes from. But, you should know that online sellers wouldn't jeopardise their business by selling you a duplicate product. You can check the hologram on the box, and the warranty card once you receive the gadget.


If you’re suspicious, you can simply call up the customer care service of the manufacturing company and verify the product number to ascertain its authenticity.


Myth #2: Electronic Gadgets Are Costly Online



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On the contrary, they are cheaper than their offline counterparts. Every time I’ve bought a gadget for myself or my parents, I’ve always found them at discounted prices online. In fact, when you think of it, you would also save the money that you would have spent on visiting a store in person.


Also, if there’s a problem or if you don’t like the product, you can always get it exchanged without leaving the comfort of your own home.


Myth #3: Discounted Products Are Damaged Goods



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Nope. Online sellers take their business too seriously to pull stuff like this—the competition is cutthroat and reputation matters. Discounts are par for the course to attract more customers and increase sales. They have nothing to do with damaged goods.


Myth #4: Warranty Cards Don’t Work for Gadgets Bought Online



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If a gadget you own needs to be repaired, the manufacturing company wouldn’t know or care how you bought it. All they need is your warranty card.


I've had first-hand experience with this because when my laptop (which I purchased on Flipkart) needed servicing, I only had to give Lenovo the product ID and the warranty card. They didn’t ask me where I bought it, because it doesn’t matter at all.


So, if you know someone who’s on the fence about online shopping, show them this. They’ll be sold on the idea the second they get past these hangups. You can’t scoff at the insane variety that you have available to you online—only a couple of clicks away. And don’t even get me started on the convenience.