Finally took the plunge and moved out of your parents’ house? Going out into the world on your own, as a functioning member of society? Well, congratulations! You are officially kinda-sorta an adult.


A vital component of adulting is turning your newly rented or purchased house into a home. Ugh, I know, but you gotta get dem compliments—they’re the bonding agent of society’s frayed fabric, after all.


If you’ve been thinking about properly setting up your home, there are a few basic things that you might want to put on your checklist.


You might not want to spend all your money on “possessions”, but believe me when I tell you, you will regret not buying these essentials. Basic creature comforts go a long way towards peace of mind… especially after a long day at work.


1. Couches


As bachelors, some of us like to believe that bean bags and gaddas are the only seating options available to us. While it’s absolutely fine for you to think this, you should probably have a comfortable couch in the living room. It’s better for entertaining, and it’ll look incredibly adult-like.


You can find great deals online (which means that you don’t have to lug heavy-ass furniture up the stairs), and it’s a one-time investment. Something in a neutral colour, like this little beauty, will work great.



Source: | Furnicity Fabric


2. Dining table


I know you think you don’t need one, but you’d be surprised. Stuffing your face alone in your room while zoning out to something on your laptop gets old real quick, so it’s nice to have the option to, instead, eat at the dinner table with roommates or friends.


A dining table is a great addition to the room, especially if you somehow have more space than you know what to do with.


Even a small 4-seater, engineered wood dining table will work nicely. Keep a few table cloths handy for aesthetic embellishment, slap on a few table mats, and voila!



Source: | Housefull


3. Containers


You’ll need containers for all kinds of storage—spices, rice and dals, leftovers, make-up, hair products… the list might as well be literally endless.


So stock up on storage options while you can. It’s smart to keep a few extra boxes around, in case you have a storage emergency. Don’t laugh, it’s a thing. Like the adage goes, “better to have, and not need, than need, and not have”.



Source: | Mastercook


4. Cleaning supplies


This cover a lot of items, but the basics are brooms, pohnchas, buckets, disinfectant (like Lisol or Domex), and Colin for windows.


For the kitchen, you’ll need dish towels, utensil soap (like Vim or Cif), and some scaler for those hard AF stains. 


Bathrooms require a lot more care. You need a toilet brush, a lot of scale remover, and a toilet bowl cleaner. Keep all these handy. Since they don’t expire, you could even satisfy your inner hoarder and stock up for several months during a sale.



Source: | Gala


5. Extra Sheets, Blankets, and Pillow Covers


Keep a few extras around for guests and for those awful times when you just can’t be arsed to do laundry. Plus, one sheet does not a pillow fort make!



Source: | Ahmedabad Cotton


6. A Full Set of Pots and Pans



Even if you’re not the most efficient cook, it’s a good idea to buy a full set of pots, pans and other kitchen essentials, like ladles, bowls, pressure cooker, and crockery when you move in. 



Source: | Prestige


7. Appliances (Fridge/Washing Machine/Microwave)


Buying appliances may pinch a little in the beginning, but they’ll make your life so much easier. They’ll also pay for themselves in the long run because it’ll work out cheaper if you’re only spending on detergent every month instead of paying a dhobi obscene amounts every week for the same end result.



Source: | Hyundai


8. Carpets and Curtains


Carpets and curtains aren’t just to make your house look pretty. Okay yes, that is a big benefit, but these also help absorb sound. So, if you’re planning on having people over regularly, it might be a good idea to invest in some nice, thick carpets and curtains.



Source: | HomeFab India


9. Shoe Rack


Shoe racks will make storage a whole lot easier, and they don’t even take up too much space. This is one of those small purchases that will go a long, long way.



Source: | Birdy


10. Lamps


Okay, maybe these aren’t a must-buy, but lamps have a way of turning an ordinary room into a warm, welcoming nook. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.



Source: | ExcklusiveLane


So, my fellow faux-adults, I wish you luck on your journey to home-hood. Tell us how it goes in the comments below!