Snapdeal has launched a new service that could potentially change our lives for the better, if all goes well.


The e-commerce business has launched Cash@Home, which will let people order cash and get it delivered to their doorstep. The company is calling it a goodwill gesture, intended to help people avoid ATM queues and bank hassles.



Source: Twitter | Snapdeal


Cash received through this Cash on Delivery service is limited to Rs. 2000 per booking, and a nominal fee of Rs. 1 will be charged. The service is available only to app users—you’ll just need to swipe your card at the time of delivery.


However, the service is still in its pilot phase, and will be available only to people living in Gurugram (Gurgaon) and Bengaluru right now. Snapdeal will be extending it to other major cities as well, based on the feedback it gets and the availability of notes.



Source: Twitter | Snapdeal


Cash@Home is a welcome move in a country plagued by demonetization woes. If this delivers what it promises, it’ll make the whole affair that much easier for people in these cities. No more standing in ATM queues for the better part of the day!