Google’s Android OS is the most widely used mobile operating system. It’s a lot more accessible and affordable than the alternatives, and these two factors are especially relevant in India.


As a country, we account for more than 17% of the world’s population. More people than ever before are using the internet here, and this number is steadily growing. Both government and private initiatives that aim to provide easier access to the internet will only support this trend.


Android Go is an upcoming lightweight version of Google’s latest Android version (Android O). It is designed to work flawlessly on low-end devices with RAM as low as 512 MB. The project—if handled better than their previous attempt at catering to this market (Android One)—will be perfect for the emerging Indian budget-friendly market.



According to TechCrunch, all apps will likely be less than 10MB and work properly without an internet connection. Apps like YouTube Go show us the direction that essential apps would take when Android Go finally rolls out.


The company is targeting a 2018 launch for this lightweight version, but there are no updates regarding any hardware partners yet.


Watch this space for more updates.


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