In the new season of On Air With AIB, they’ve introduced a segment called Off Script. As the name suggests, it's completely real and unscripted.


This one had AIB chatting with Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath about exam season. As the group started to share their personal stories about school and college exams, tuitions, cheating, and admissions, a bunch of unfortunate facts that define the educational system in this country came out.


SSC exams are all about memorising.



Even in Math.



ICSE peeps are, as always, privileged.



Seriously, though, there’s just something about ICSE.




"Flying Squads" are grossly overrated.


They're impartial teams of invigilators that are created to catch cheating in board exams.



Except they only come into the exam room to say things like:



Teachers take extra tuitions for their own students on the side...


... without even considering the moral conflict involved.



Students are forced to take Science in Class 11. 



This happens even if they’re interested in careers that have nothing to do with Science, like Khamba, who wanted to do Arts so that he could study journalism.



And, in the same vein, Engineering students are routinely considered to have more value than Arts and Commerce students.



The conversation about the way the system treats the Science stream prompted Tanmay to say:



Which, I think, sums most of it up.


The session did end with some uplifting advice though.



Watch the whole thing here.


Written with inputs from Tarana Reddy.