AIB’s back with a new sketch in their “Honest” series, called “Honest Placements”. In it, three engineering students, Overachiever, Average, and Failure, are preparing for campus placements. 



 The best part of the sketch, IMO, is the corporate AV where a bunch of guys express how it’s like to work in an MNC. 



 Overachiever Gokhale reminds me of the engineering college toppers I studied with, who would try to downplay their job offers and the huge salary package that came with it. 



 Failure, on the other hand, gets a job in a mass placement drive, led by Tanmay Bhat. *cough*TCS*cough* 



 TBH, I relate most with Average, the guy who could have done well, had he been allowed to choose a profession he likes, but was instead was forced into engineering. 



 If you’re an engineering student, an engineer, or an engineering dropout, you’ll relate to the characters and the honest depiction of their situations in the video. The sketch has been split into three parts. Watch them here: 



Cover Image Source: YouTube