Yesterday, YRF launched two new faces, Aadar Jain and Anya Singh, for an upcoming film. One would think that YRF, one of the biggest Indian film production companies, wouldn’t behave as if they hadn’t heard about the nepotism debate going on in the country.


But, that doesn’t seem to be the case. YRF is blatantly promoting Aadar Jain as Raj Kapoor’s grandson.


From the looks of the poster, it seems like that’s the only criteria he needed to fulfill in order to be cast in a YRF film.



Aditi Mittal called out their blatant nepotism in a series of tweets.




Karan Johar, who has been accused of nepotism, didn’t seem to find anything wrong in putting out this tweet to promote Aadar Jain.



I don’t understand it. By this logic, every kid inherits the same talents that their parents possess. What?


Aditi Mittal had a witty retort to KJo’s claim and I couldn’t have worded it better.



A lot of other people, too, noticed this problematic approach to casting.


Judging by the way Bollywood’s big production houses are launching new actors, it seems like the only way to secure a film is to have a famous industry surname. SMH.


Cover Image Source: Twitter