Remember the 2001 hit TV show Office Office where Musaddilal (Pankaj Kapur) had to deal with the corrupt officers of a public office to get his job done? At that time, the series gained a lot of popularity for showcasing the state of Indian public offices through satire.


Before that we had Yes Boss, where a haggled Rakesh Bedi had to protect his wife (Kavita Kapoor) from their flirty boss.


Screen Patti’s Office Vs Office is an attempt at reviving the charm of these old shows. The series revolves around Red Capers, a company that is going through a financial duress. The boss, played by Cyrus Sahukar, is trying his best to cut down costs while also retaining all his employees.


Office Vs Office comprises of a lot of oddball characters who are sure to keep you entertained. What’s more, you might even be able to relate them with some of your colleagues. Check out the characters below!


The Over Enthusiastic HR 



 Let’s face it, HR peeps are in a thankless job. They have a hard time keeping both the bosses and the employees happy. No wonder they have to come up with all those team bonding and corporate outing activities that you secretly wish you could avoid.


Like Dimple of Office Vs Office, Screenpatti’s new web series, sometimes HRs will do anything to keep employee morale high, including insistently decorating the office on special days.


The Kaamchor 



 There’ll always be the one person in the company who’ll find weird excuses to not do their work.


No matter how many times you solve their problems, they’ll come up with a new one, just so they can while their time away. 


You’ve gotta give them props for coming up with insanely creative excuses, though. Maybe they’re the real geniuses after all.


The Taskmaster 



 To handle all the lazy bums in the office, there needs to be a taskmaster who’ll force them to move their asses and get work done. Shikha of Office Vs Office is the perfect example of this. She’s someone who believes in actually working in the workplace. (Ridiculous, right?)


But without the taskmaster, nothing gets done, which means salaries don’t get paid, so you’d best be grateful! You may hate them for their disciplinarian vibe but they’re the ones who bring in the revenue.


The Gossip Mongers 



 These are the water-filter hang-arounders. The canteen-sitters. The never-stop-talking-ers.


You’ll find them talking about everything from work, to their families, to whispering about salaries. It doesn’t always mean that they don’t get their work done, but they just believe in using their breaks for a little chit chat.


After all, what’s office without a little bit of gossip, eh?


The Lovable Office Boy 



 Tbh, this person is my favourite in the entire office.


They know how you like your tea or coffee and will make sure you get it on time.


In fact, if you aren’t feeling well, they’ll notice and even ask you if everything’s fine and if you’d like them to fetch you something to eat or drink. Not many people realise how important this category of employees are until they take leave and you have to operate the coffee machine yourself.


Mr. India 



 These are the bosses who thinks of their employees as their children.


They will will try their best to make sure no one’s fired, even if the company is in deep financial trouble. They’ll also do their best to make sure everyone feels at home. They may even do too much. When you have a boss like this one, you get used to daily heartfelt speeches and Dad jokes.


They’re not known for practicality, but they’re all heart, just like Hemant of Office Vs Office. You may roll your eyes at him, but his positivity is infectious. 


Now that I’m at the end of my list, I’m curious to know if you’ve managed to slot some of your colleagues into any of these categories? I mean, come on, you’re bored AF at work anyway. 


Do it! And let me know if you have any categories to add in the comments!


Meanwhile, watch the first episode of Office Vs Office here:



Cover Image Source: YouTube