What connects QuizUp, Kaun Banega Crorepati, and the plot of India’s first Netflix original, Brahman Naman


The Indian game of quizzing, that’s what!


You may know what quizzing is, but you won’t really get it unless you’ve actually participated in a college quiz. Testing your knowledge in the subjects you genuinely love, acing questions with your intuition and reflexes -- college quizzing is nothing less than an adrenaline-filled sport.


Here’s a list of fantastic quizzes that you have to attend at least once during your college life if you want to feel that one-of-a-kind quizzing thrill.


1. Omniscience, Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay


Mood Indigo is Asia’s largest college fest. Their quizzing extravaganza includes popular quizmasters hosting quizzes across a variety of genres. Their solo quizzing format, Lone Wolf, is a special feature of this fest.



Source:  Facebook/ Mood indigo


2. Tata Crucible


Crucible is the Page 3 of Indian quizzing. It brings its winners a name, fame, and insane prizes -- a whopping INR 5 lacs to the national champions, along with brand new cars! And even if you don’t win, you still get to participate in a brilliant show, conducted by the wittiest showman of quizzing, Pickbrain.



Source: Facebook/TataCrucible


3. Saarang, IIT Madras


Saarang’s Sports & Entertainment quiz, popularly known as the SpEnt quiz, has been their USP for years. Since Saarang is the institute’s annual fest, it includes a plethora of other brilliant quizzes too.


To experience the style of college quizzing in south India, this fest is a must-visit.



Source: Facebook/Saarang


4. The Landmark Quiz


Initiated in 1992 in Chennai, the Landmark Quiz is legendary. Conducted by popular quizmaster Navin Jayakumar, the quiz is one of the most loved open quizzes across the nation.


It’s now held annually across India, and awards prizes in three categories -- for junior, open, and special category quiz teams. This is a quiz that’s not limited to college teams, so you can participate, learn, and (hopefully) win no matter how old you are!



Source: TheHindu


5. Mary Bucknell Trophy, Spring Fest, IIT Kharagpur


The Mary Bucknell Trophy comes with a back story.


According to IIT Kharagpur alumni Shishir Dash and Anuj Dayal, “It turns out that Mrs. Mary was actually the wife of a Professor Bucknell, of the Dept. of Metallurgy and Material Science, and she was an avid quizzer. When the General Secretary (Social and Cultural), Alok Saha wanted to establish a Quizzing Competition, he turned to Prof. Bucknell for help, and the Mary Bucknell Trophy was instituted.” 


One of the most coveted quizzing titles in the circuit, this trophy is definitely worth putting your heart and brain into.



Source: Facebook/SpringFest


6. INDIA Quiz, KashiYatra, IIT BHU


According to the fest organizers, in 2014, the India Quiz at IIT BHU became the largest ever quizzing event in India (on a single day, at a single venue). They saw a similar turnout in 2016, when the quiz was hosted by World Quizzing Champion, Vikram Joshi.


If your India-specific GK is top notch, this is where you need to be!



Source: Facebook/Kashiyatra


Have you started planning your quizzing trips for the year, yet? When you do, make sure you hit a few of these so you don’t miss out on the best of the Indian quizzing scene!