Before I bought a bra online, I was the kind of person who swore I never would.


“How does that work?” I said, “How do you know it will fit? Isn’t it easier to just go to a store and try one on?”


And then I realized how hard it was to find a bra in the style and size that I wanted without having to visit at least five different stores, and spend over half my day. I mean, I like mall crawls as much as the next person, but bra shopping can get exhausting



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So I went online.


The sheer variety that I saw when I checked out online bra collections was amazing, and so were the prices. 


But there was still the problem of size, especially for people who are on the extremes of the size spectrum, like my 38D. I realised I needed to do a little research before I made a purchase. 


After that first plunge into the online world of bra shopping three years ago, I went through a process that helped me figure out how to do it right.


Here, take my wisdom.


1. Get Yourself Measured First


Before you’re able to order a bra while you lounge around at home in nothing but, well, a bra, you need to actually go outside.


Several lingerie stores offer professional sizing services. They’ll measure you and tell you your actual bra size, and, believe me, it can be a shocker. I thought I was a 38C for two years, until I was told I’m a 38D. 



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Once you know your bra size, you’re armed with the first piece of information that you need.


P.S.: You should get refitted once in six months, because breast sizes can go up and down quite a bit.


2. Try on Different Styles from Different Brands


This step requires you to actually go outside, too, but it’s the last one that does, I promise!


You know your size now, but the same size in different styles fits differently, as does the same size from different brands. For example, I’m a full band size up in Jockey as opposed to Amante, and a bra with underwire is usually less forgiving, size and shape wise, than a non-wired bra. 


So go try a bunch of bras on, and remember which brands and styles work for you. When you try them on, stand, jump, sit, and bend over to see if they work for you properly.


3. You Can Always Return Them


No matter how accurately you measure yourself, and how many styles and sizes you try on at the mall, you could get it wrong when you finally choose something, both offline and online. That’s okay!


It could also be that you want to try out a brand that none of your local stores have, which means you won’t know which style is perfect for your breasts. Well, you can!


Just order the bra you want in a couple different sizes, and return all the ones that don’t fit. Some online shopping sites offer refunds, others replacements, and others store credit, so find one that works best for you.



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4. Use the Search Filters!


The size and brand filters on online stores are a godsend, especially if you a have a non-mainstream bra size. Just filter by size to strip away all the bras that don’t come in it. It saves you a huge amount of time.


Once you’ve done that, filter by brand, style, colour, price, whatever, until you find the bra you need. 


I usually start filtering before I even look through the bras on the page. Whether it’s a lacy balconette bra or a soft t-shirt bra, I know the filters will find it for me.



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5. Don’t Get Overwhelmed by the Range


I know it seems like there are way too many options. You’ll see brands you’ve never heard of and bra styles that you won’t even know how to go about putting on, but take a breath! This is a good thing. 


Every pair of breasts are a unique combination of structure, shape, and size, so the wider the range, the higher the chance that you’ll find a bra that does exactly what you want it to do.


I’ve taught you everything I know now. 


Happy bra shopping!


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