Going to college is one of the most exciting chapters of a student’s life. It means no more ugly uniforms, oiled hair, or Bata shoes. But, before you embrace college life, you have to go through the admission process.


As an ex-engineering student, I know that that was the worst phase of my life. It’s nowhere near as easy as school admissions, where your parents take care of everything. 


When it comes to college admissions, you’re suddenly expected to grow up and take charge of your life. This period of your life will have you doing frustrating things like... 


Managing a LOT of papers


Remember all the stick and box files you had to buy? Colleges expect you to carry multiple xerox copies of everything, right from your birth certificate to your school leaving certificate. 



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I thought I could get rid of this pile of garbage after the admission process was over. But no, I couldn’t because my college would randomly demand documents whenever they felt like it. And when I made a face, the registrar would deadpan ask me “You want your degree certificate or not?”


Great, thanks blackmailer!


Watching your parents compare you to the other kids


Indian parents will not leave any stone unturned to let their kids know when they're being colossal disappointments. And during college admissions time, they’ll chat up other parents and ask about their kids’ board marks and all the colleges they got into.


Then, they’ll give you THE STARE, which officially seals your “nalayak” status. 



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I still remember sitting with my dad in counselling sessions and wishing I could vanish into thin air every time he talked to the other parents.


Choosing a branch when you have no idea what you are doing with your life


 When I went for my counselling, I picked Mechanical Engineering but my Dad asked me to choose Electrical Engineering because Mech isn’t suitable for “delicate” girls (eyeroll).  At that time, I simply agreed with him because, honestly, I had no idea what I was doing. 



 Oh okay, whatever you say Dad!


Anyway, in the end it didn’t really matter because I gave that career path, thank God.


Sitting for interviews and wishing you could disappear


Admission interviews are no fun.


They ask complicated questions like “Why do you want to pursue this course?”


Who the fuck knows? 



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I remember sitting in front of scary-looking men and mumbling nonsensical answers, simply because I had been taught that a degree is integral to your survival and the family’s izzat. 


Given the state of the Indian education system, this theory is complete bollocks but unfortunately, students have to bear with it.


Applying for hostel seats and hoping you get cool roommates


 Tbh, hostel is the best part of college life. It means freedom from nagging parents and four years of utter chaos and indiscipline. I remember being so excited about moving into hostel and making friends with everyone. It was the highlight of the year for me.


And the best part? I could go to sleep and wake up whenever I wanted! Of course that meant a few classes were bunked but who cares, really?



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The admissions season was one of the most depressing phases of my life, especially because I wasn’t getting into IIT or any other parent-approved top college.


By the time it was done, I was just happy that I'd been admitted somewhere, because that meant I wouldn’t have to drop a year and write those goddamn entrance exams again.


If you’re about to go through the college admission process, I have one piece of advice for you—stay calm and remember that none of this is a measure of your worth.


In the end, how you do in college will matter more than which college you went to.


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