Ah, engineering. The parent-friendly choice. Where creative dreams go to die, only to be resurrected when you graduate with zero job prospects.


There’s obviously a problem with engineering colleges in India. There’s no other reason for there to be so many engineers working in unrelated jobs. 


I decided to do a little digging into the numbers, and what I found legitimately surprised me. 


1. We Have Too Many Colleges


According to a 2012 AICTE report, there are 6430 specialised engineering colleges in India. That’s more than all the colleges in America! Andhra Pradesh alone has close to 500. 




2. We’re Obsessed with Engineering


A 2013 AICTE report stated that over 12 lakh Indians enroll in engineering colleges every year. That’s how many engineering grads the US, Russia, and Japan produce, combined.


There’s 12 lakhs of these guys! And most of them aren’t learning shit. I would know, I was one of them.

Source: Wikimedia Commons


3. We’re Not Focussing on Spoken English Skills


The National Spoken English Skills of Engineers Report found in 2015 that almost 67% of engineering graduates don’t have the basic spoken English skills they need to get a job. 


4. We’re Not Even Teaching Them Engineering


An average of 80% of engineering graduates were deemed unemployable by the 2016 Aspiring Minds National Employability Report. That’s close to 10 lakh graduates left without job prospects, more than the entire population of Fiji.


Source: Quickmeme


A large chunk of these graduates have educational loans to pay off and families to support. 


5. And PG Degrees Don’t Help


In Tamil Nadu alone, 1.5 lakh post graduate engineers applied for government jobs in March 2014. 


This is some messed up shit, y’all. 


Engineering has become a market of its own in India. Degrees are being churned out by the lakhs, solely to satisfy the overwhelming demand. In this kind of atmosphere, quality of education takes a backseat to just being able to accommodate so many students, which is why new, barely supervised engineering institutions are popping up all over the country.


The result: A country full of engineering colleges that don’t know how to teach engineering, and engineering grads who aren’t real engineers.


Source: Giphy


If your parents are trying to force you to study engineering when you don’t want to, or if they tell you you should’ve studied engineering instead of doing whatever it is you’re doing right now, show them this article.


Also, tell them that Madhavan, Cindy Crawford, Shankar Mahadevan, and Ashton Kutcher are all engineering graduates. Oh, and literal comic genius Rowan Atkinson. 


Source: The Timeliners


Doesn’t look like their degrees really contributed to their careers, now does it, Mom?


Cover Image Source: Wikimedia Commons | The Timeliners